nilly dagan

סוזן ואד קודיש



I survived the summer.

The sun beat down without mercy

searing my emotions.

Equally I divided

the degrees of heat

between us.

My red bathing suit was yours

your black one was mine.


Summer dried the purple of the lavender,

the vin suprieur I toasted to us

reddened time's scabbed-over scar.

I sank into an air conditioned room with

The Unconscious Opens Like a Fan

and a jug of cold lemonade.


My thirst for you is like

litmus paper, changing

with every dip

of my tongue in your mouth.

When your

missing hand


the cleft of my modesty

only a step

between me and

the receding moment.



Night gapes like a black mushroom

if I taste it I'll sink into hallucination.

Crazy night

you can harness me

bind me.


Jump, you shout, jump!

I jump

fall into the dark.


What, did I get lost?


I got to a town whose name I can't pronounce

the taxi driver explained life to me at length

in a language I didn't understand, in the art market I bought a fragile

urn that I don't need, and at the bar near the port I drank

a banana-colored drink I didn't know needed to be mixed with a quart of water.


I got drunk on crying.



 It is wonderful to see a rainbow

Stretched between the drops,

and it seems –

out of gray chaos


a blast of light –



Everything starts and ends

at a tiny point

in my brain,

spreads wave after wave

and I stare at a distant one

blurring, as if holding on to it

till it dissolves


I cross it towards you,

and I don't know if I'm





חזרה ל'קונצרט שירה בארבעה קולות'